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Your Own Affordable Virtual Power Plant by Enegen

Market prices are constantly varying hence visibility of opportunity and asset availability is critical.

Traditional large power station control rooms would be operated manually. This is not practical for distributed energy resources (DER) assets due to the amount of assets, which are usually unmanned, requiring the process to be automated as far as possible with remote systems to adjust output and trade effectively. An advanced system is required to ensure the maximum profit is realised from the assets. This complexity and the number of assets that need to be optimised is why Enegen developed ATOM.

ATOM is a multi-Integrated-VPP (Virtual Power Plant) platform that provides position management, scheduling, trade execution and assignment.

ATOM is a powerful software solution that addresses the challenges of modern asset optimisation and is available as a cloud solution, on-premise or hosted by Enegen.

ATOM is built on Enegen’s existing tried, tested and widely used EnergyHub portal framework and combined with unrivalled in-depth industry knowledge and experience, in collaboration with external industry experts.

Scheduling and trading numerous assets in multiple markets has introduced complexity for participants that ATOM can solve. A trading organisation working with distributed assets is likely to have in the medium and longer term:

  • A need to understand the commercial opportunity in the market on a period-by-period basis.
  • A need to submit trades to the exchanges for intra-day and day-ahead.
  • The need to participate in multiple markets (e.g. Trading, Frequency and Reactive products).
  • Varying availability (due to other contracts that may be in place).
  • Varying dynamic parameters.

The ATOM Portfolio Manager provides flexibility to enable traders to organise and group their asset portfolios as required including trading books, customer groups, GSP groups, BMUs and the assets themselves.

The ATOM Asset Manager supports the creation and maintenance of asset properties, characteristics and scheduling rules and the import or calculation of the asset’s short run marginal costs.

The ATOM Optimiser tracks market prices and asset running costs to deliver a real time period or EFA block display of buy and sell trading opportunities on the day ahead and intraday exchanges supporting automatic submission of offers to EPEX and cross trading of profitable opportunities.

The ATOM Scheduler provides real time displays of availability and scheduled position at any level in the ATOM Portfolio Manager, allows offers to be submitted to EPEX and the BM through ATOM Optimiser and supports algorithmic scheduling of traded position and orders across assets based on scheduling and market rules.

Enegen are exhibiting at The Distributed Energy Show on stand 5021.