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Tackling Your Energy Management Priorities with Powerstar

Every organisation uses energy differently, but many of their ultimate goals are the same. For many, these priorities can be summed up as the ‘three C’s’ of energy:

  • Costs
  • Consumption
  • Carbon emissions

Powerstar specialise in supporting organisations improving across each of these aspects of energy management. Our unique combination of cutting-edge technologies and market-leading expertise delivers solutions that are tailored to the needs of a specific site and deliver substantial reductions in costs, consumption and carbon emissions.

Powerstar has an extensive a track record for rolling out energy technology solutions across the estates of large organisations spanning a range of different sectors. At each stage, the value added by our technologies is clearly demonstrated and quantified before we continue supporting customers to roll out solutions that save on their energy costs, reduce consumption and slash carbon emissions.

Pilot Voltage Optimisation Project

Any project starts with an extensive site survey, which provides a clear picture of how a site is currently using energy, and more importantly how that performance can be improved. Factors including incoming voltage and the mix of technologies on-site will all impact on the level of savings a voltage optimisation installation can save. One a pilot VO installation is up and running, real-time data is provided to ensure that improvements are as expected.

Rolling Out VO

Once the pilot project has been shown to deliver as expected in terms of reducing costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions, Powerstar can then manage the process of delivering the same voltage optimisation benefits across an estate. At between an 8% and 10% reduction in energy costs and consumption for a typical site, alongside a reduction in emissions, the cumulative benefits for an organisation are very substantial.

Energy Management

Better energy management can have a huge impact on a site’s energy costs, consumption and carbon. While the best way to achieve this can sometimes vary between sites, aspects such as remote monitoring and energy management and optimisation software are universal in their ability to ensure a site is using energy more intelligently.

Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems have the potential to become the cornerstone of an overhauled energy management strategy. By storing clean energy generated on-site and incorporating other clean technologies batteries can deliver a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. Similarly, they offer substantial efficiency improvements and can save on energy costs in variety of ways, allowing power to be purchased during off-peak times or even generating revenue through grid balancing services.

Smart Microgrids

When it comes to reducing costs and carbon emissions, a smart microgrid has huge potential to deliver both. By combining on-site generation, such as solar PV, with battery energy storage, a smart microgrid allows your site to operate independently of the grid when required. This helps to ensure that a site is running entirely off clean energy for demonstrable periods, as well as providing site-wide protection in the event of grid disruption. Smart microgrids also play a key role in unlocking new infrastructure projects that are otherwise delayed or cancelled due to grid constraint issues.



To start your organisation’s process of reducing energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions, speak to the Powerstar team today!