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Olympus Power- Personalising Power To The Needs Of Business

Olympus Power firmly believes in the headline of 2024’s Distributed Energy Show – that ‘the future of energy generation is flexible, decentralised and renewable’.

Simon Nicholls, CEO of Olympus Power “The future of energy is in grasping the opportunity to take charge of your own energy production. The UK’s national grid may be overworked and undersized, but current energy customers can gain autonomy over use, production and costs.

This needn’t mean managing complex new facilities in-house, we will work with your team to manage renewable systems that work seamlessly with grid power provision.”

The best on-site energy solutions are tailored to the needs of businesses – storage, logistics, retail parks  – to power growth that can be efficiently sourced from resources already available.

Olympus Power is known for their expertise in turnkey renewable energy solutions, but it is not one size fits all. Designing, installing and managing commercial-scale systems that may include solar panels, battery storage, turbines or green hydrogen is a partnership. A range of options for Power Purchase Agreements, which offset capital expenditure and ensure fixed prices for energy at significantly lower cost are prepared for commercial decision-making teams.

Simon said: ‘Olympus Power’s advantage is in our flexibility, we can make decisions quickly and have the backing to scale finance options at all levels. We can make long and short term agreements, predict payback periods, stage roll outs across different sites – we can make changes in line with client needs.”

Why choose an on-site renewable energy solution?

Decentralising power provision via on-site resources of unused roof spaces, parking canopies, dormant ground and the natural capital of solar significantly lowers energy costs as well as lowering carbon emissions. Site surveys are married with energy audits to calculate the most efficient systems, with accurate financial forecasting for your managing team to make informed decisions.

Olympus Power are ready for the flexible, decentralised and renewable future of energy, and are looking forward to gaining further insights at the Distributed Energy Show in March 24.

Want to find out more? Talk with our team and share your future energy needs, find us at the show or

Olympus Power will be exhibiting at the upcoming The Distributed Energy Show, visit them at stand 7034 for more!