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Exhibitor Spotlight Interview- Himoinsa

The Distributed Energy Show are delighted to have had the opportunity to interview industry leader Himoinsa, who will be exhibiting at the 2024 show on stand 7040. Read on to find out more! What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in? Himoinsa a Yanmar company is a leading global manufacturer of energy technology solutions. Himoinsa manufactures… Continue

Sustainable Agriculture Fueled by TEDOM’s Renewable Biogas CHP Units in Suchohrdly, Czechia

An intriguing agricultural project was developed in 2007 by Renergie s.r.o. at Suchohrdly, close to Miroslav in the Czech Republic. It successfully integrated crop and animal production with cogeneration technology and a biogas plant. This project has steadily grown to incorporate other energy sources over time. Currently, the local agricultural company founded by Ing. Karel… Continue


The power industry is experiencing radical change, even more so following the sudden unleashing of the latest social and geopolitical factors (pandemics, war, inflation…). Thankfully, our reaction to these events has been to strive even harder to reduce the emission of pollutants; both emissions that are harmful to health (NOx, SOx, CO, particulates) and those… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight Interview: ENTRNCE

The Distributed Energy Show are delighted to welcome ENTRNCE to take to the exhibition floor in 2024! Read on to find out more about them through their exhibitor spotlight questions!   What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in? ENTRNCE is a technology company accelerating the transition to 24/7 carbon-free energy. We believe this can only… Continue

Bowman Celebrates Newly Granted Patent

Bowman is excited to announce a major milestone in its journey. We have recently been granted a patent for: Electric Compressor Upstream of Turbocharger Turbine. This achievement not only marks a momentous occasion for Bowman, but also holds significant promise for our customers and a wide range of projects the company is actively engaged in. The… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight- Vattenfall

The Distributed Energy Show are delighted to welcome Vattenfall to exhibit with us at the 2024 show. Read on to find out more about the company and what you can expect to see on their stand in their exhibitor spotlight answers…. What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in? Vattenfall IDNO is an Independent Distribution Network… Continue

Bowman Power: StartIQ™: Behind the transformation technology

Powering Efficiency and Sustainability in Gas Gensets and Grid Operations Discover the magic behind StartIQ™, where our cutting-edge technology offers rapid ramping capabilities to Gas Gensets to support Grid Operations, revolutionising efficiency and sustainability for a brighter future. What is StartIQ™?     StartIQ™ is a two-stage eCompressor, powered by our TorqIQ® technology. Our unique… Continue

Global Sustainability Goals Publication- Sustainable Supply Chain

This month’s issue takes us on a journey to Yorkshire, where we engage with the eco-conscious members of Made In Sheffield. Discover the intersection of tradition and sustainability as we explore the innovative practices driving the region’s sustainable supply chain. Next, we turn our gaze to the skies with the NWAA, delving into the world… Continue