Interview with Mike Simpson, CCO, Cheesecake Energy

The Distributed Energy Show caught up with Mike Simpson, CCO of Cheesecake Energy onsite at the show in December 2021.

Food manufacturing industry missing millions in energy cost savings

Despite spiralling energy costs, more than two thirds of UK manufacturing businesses are missing out on millions of pounds of savings because they do not understand that alternatives to power from the National Grid are available. According to research commissioned by Ylem Energy, an independent power generation company that specialises in on-site generation, 68% of… Continue

Do we have to live with higher energy prices?

The hikes in energy costs on the past 6 months have been nothing short of game-changing. But are they just a spike or are they here to stay? At 25 March 2022, the Winter=22 forward energy wholesale price for electricity was 23.2p/kWh and gas 9.0p/kWh.  You need to add non-energy costs and taxes to these,… Continue

Interview with Toby Heysham, CEO, Pinnacle Power

The Distributed Energy Show interviewed Pinnacle Power’s CEO and founder, Toby Heysham. He explains how he sees the future of heat networks, his experience in heat based energy and how Pinnacle Power recognise their customer’s needs.

Exhibitor Spotlight: Honeywell

Honeywell was founded over 125 years ago and has had some major roles in some of the world’s most influential technological moments, including being the pioneer of the thermostat to the moon landing. Why do you think Honeywell has remained in the forefront of the industry? Honeywell invents and commercializes technologies that address some of… Continue

Exhibitor Spotlight: Radius Group

“Radius Group” based in Northampton are the leading lifting, logistics, Installation operations and site services company in the UK. Having built a reputation of service, quality, and reactiveness they are able to offer contract lifts, tower cranes, chimneys, structures, plant handling & installation, lifting assurance & consultancy services, together with storage, warehousing, and specialist logistics services.   Their philosophy is not about what they do, it’s… Continue

Interview with Thomas Jennings, Kiwi Power

The Distributed Energy Show interviewed Thomas Jennings from Kiwi Power where they discussed how Kiwi Power helps their customers achieve their energy goals, how he has seen attitudes change towards renewable energy and what he is looking forward to at the show.

Shenton Group Blog – Data Centres Are Turning to CHP to Cut Costs

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector predicts to use 20 percent of all the world’s electricity by 2025 and emit up to 5.5 percent of all carbon emissions. Data centres use vast amounts of electricity to keep up with the computing power required for even a single data floor, before the infrastructure of the cooling system… Continue