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René Bult

Responsible for driving the synergy of PM production technologies like Powder Injection Molding and 3D Printing for both Ceramics and Metals , supporting all his customers during development, launch and production of their parts. He also offers his experience to the Dutch high-tech industry and the European market.

As professional René worked on the industrialization of Metal Injection Molding in The Netherlands. Together with BASF he succesfully introduced the first commercial titanium products to the European medical market. During his professional career, as part of the Bosch Rexroth R&D organization, he further specialized in thermal spraying and overlay welding of metal coatings for offshore applications, after which he returned as Technology Manager to one of the three MIM companies in The Netherlands.

René holds a Master in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from the University Twente. His passion for powder metallurgy can be traced back to this time as he spent significant time on studying intermetallic powder extrusion.