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Prof. Philip Withers

Philip Withers is the first Regius Professor of Materials and is a Fellow of the Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering and a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Indian National Science Academy.  He is the Chief Scientist of the Henry Royce Institute based around capabilities at the Universities of Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College as well as the National Nuclear Labs, and the Atomic Energy Authority at Culham. His research focusses on imaging, modelling and understanding the behaviour of materials in real time and 3D often in situ under demanding environments. To this end he exploits electron, lab and synchrotron X-ray and neutron beams to shine a light on their behaviour. In 2008 he set up the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility, a world-leading suite of X-ray imaging systems, which in 2020 became a founding part of the National Research Facility in Lab. CT.