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Presentation Deadlines & Specifications

Please make a note of the following important submission deadlines and file preparation guidance. Please note this information is only applicable if you will be supporting your speaking opportunity with a PowerPoint file:

    • You will need to submit your preliminary presentation file to for content and technical review
    • What is content review? We will check your slides to make sure they address the topics/ points previously agreed
    • What is technical review?  We will check your slides to make sure they display/ navigate correctly and that any video/ audio/ animations you have included work
  • Your attention to these deadlines will help us create a seamless programme which will be launched and navigated from a single master laptop in the conference theatre. Use of your own laptop will therefore not be permitted – thank you in advance for your understanding
  • If you are using non-standard fonts (e.g. a corporate font), you MUST embed them into your presentation to make sure the fonts, layout, and styling of your file don’t change when viewed on a different device. Here’s how:
    • Click the File tab and then click Options
    • In the left column, select the Save tab
    • At the bottom, under Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation, select the Embed fonts in the file check box
      • Also select Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) in this section
    • Select OK and save your file
  • Presentations must be submitted in Microsoft Power Point. PDF’s will only be accepted during the review process alongside the PPT file (to check for corporate/ non-standard font use), and cannot be used on the day
  • Your presentation should be created and saved in On-screen Show format (16:9)/ widescreen
  • Please ensure the number of slides submitted is suitable for your speaking time – we have a busy schedule, therefore overrunning will not be possible
  • Extensive corporate profiling is discouraged – please include no more than 2 x slides that give an overview of your company
  • If you are using any corporate fonts please also supply these along with any movie/music file codec
  • Please ensure you have written permission for the use of any music/photos or film used in your presentation
  • If you plan to show video(s) during your presentation, please do not embed them into your PowerPoint file. Instead, submit them as separate/ stand-alone files, hyperlinked into your presentation file. We will be happy to link the videos in for you, if the appropriate set-up instructions are also provided
  • If you would like to incorporate any of our logo into your presentation file, please click HERE
  • To submit your file:
    • Smaller presentation files can be submitted by email
    • Larger files can be transferred via file transfer services like WeTransfer or DropBox
    • In both instances, please send to: