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Presentation Best Practice

Are there any presentation best practice guidelines I need to be aware of?

We appreciate that many of you have extensive experience in public speaking, so we do not wish to “teach you to suck eggs”!   We would, however, like to share a few things for you to keep in mind when planning and delivering your presentation.

Avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’

  • If you plan to use slides during your speaking opportunity, ensure that these compliment your talk, rather than become the sole focus. Attendees come to hear what you have to say

Keep slides simple and uncluttered

  • Attendees can’t read huge amount of small text. If you have data, statistics and detailed information to share, supply a supporting document/ paper that we can make available to delegates after the event

Be original

  • Slides aren’t the only way to communicate what you have to say. Use props and other visual aids to bring your presentation to life! Do let us know if you are planning anything special so we can help facilitate your requirements if necessary

Keep the abstract in mind

  • Talk about what you said you would!

What are the top 3 “take-aways”?

  • As you develop what you’re going to share with our attendees, think of the top three things that you want people to take away with them.  Make sure that your talk clearly delivers these points

Be unforgettable!

  • What makes what you’re saying any different to others talking about the same subject?  What makes what you are saying any different now to what was said 6 months ago, or what will be said in 6 months’ time?