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Flexible Power – Amp X digital energy innovation supports grid stability in Australia

Technology developed by UK-based digital energy platform, Amp X, is being used to enhance the security of the power grid in Australia. Australian Energy Market Operator, AEMO, called for additional reserve capacity from energy providers after it identified a potential shortfall in Western Australia (WA)’s power reserves over the summer months, posing a risk of shortages and blackouts during peak periods of demand for electricity.

Amp X has partnered with Plico, a WA-based provider of solar power and battery storage equipment
to residential properties, to respond to the call from AEMO with a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution
– the first of its kind in Western Australia. Plico’s VPP relies on Amp X’s digital energy platform to manage and dispatch additional power from hundreds of Plico battery storage systems, whilst participating households receive a financial benefit for helping to stabilise the grid.

The Amp X platform will enable individual Plico batteries in hundreds of their customers’ homes throughout Western Australia to function together as one giant battery, storing electricity when there is an abundance of renewable energy production, then sending it back onto the grid at times of high demand. The householders will receive payments whenever their battery supports the system in this way.

The Head of Amp X, Dr. Irene Di Martino, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Plico on Western
Australia’s first live behind-the-meter VPP. Governments, regulators and utility companies around the
world have highlighted the economic and climate benefits of engaging consumers in the provision of
flexibility to the grid. We are excited to partner with Plico and demonstrate how residential consumers
can support grid stability and enhance system security.”

Amp X are exhibiting at The Distributed Energy Show on the 14th & 15th March 2023. Visit them on stand 7046.