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Exhibitor Spotlight: are a UK based startup with a bold mission to eliminate all energy waste from the built environment, starting with Small Power.

Small Power often exceeds 40% of total electricity usage in commercial and office buildings. Up to half of that is from powering devices whilst they’re not in use which results in unnecessary GHG emissions and costs.

Which is why have created a solution that automatically identifies, measures and eliminates Small Power waste. achieve this by combining their unique smart sockets with machine learning and software. This allows to automatically identify devices plugged into the sockets, monitor their energy use, report granular real-time data and turn individual or groups of devices on/off to prevent energy waste.

All of the data is reported via m.e’s dashboard where occupants can see not only the exact energy use per device, room or building but also the associated GHG emissions. And all of it in real time!

Adam Wright, Head of Commercial at, added: “There is a real opportunity for businesses to significantly reduce their electricity bills and CO2e emissions when working with”

For example, our innovative technology reduced Kier’s site office cabin energy consumption by 59% during autumn/winter and greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. See the full case study here. are exhibiting at The Distributed Energy Show 2023. Visit them on stand 5001.