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Exhibitor Spotlight Interview: ENTRNCE

The Distributed Energy Show are delighted to welcome ENTRNCE to take to the exhibition floor in 2024! Read on to find out more about them through their exhibitor spotlight questions!


What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in?

ENTRNCE is a technology company accelerating the transition to 24/7 carbon-free energy. We believe this can only be achieved when consumers have a granular, real-time picture of their clean energy score.

We’ve just launched the Carbon Monitor – a web-based data platform which compares the half-hourly carbon emissions of onsite combined heat and power (CHP) versus conventional methods of heat and grid electricity.

Historically, comparing the emissions of onsite CHP with grid electricity has been inaccurate, and relied upon average grid carbon intensity figures. For the first time, the Carbon Monitor compares real-time emissions data of CHP in operation, with the actual carbon intensity of the grid during those times.

We will also be showcasing the ENTRNCE Matcher, a powerful web-based simulation tool, which shows organisations where their energy is coming from (every 30 minutes) and how they can plug the gaps in your clean energy supply.


Please explain the benefits of the technology and how it could help a business looking to improve their energy solutions?

The Carbon Monitor gives an accurate picture of how well CHP performs – giving estates directors the transparency they need to make informed decisions on energy investments. CHP solution providers can use the tool to make the ongoing case for CHP as a vital energy transition technology.


The Carbon Monitor also eases the burden of GHG reporting and futureproofs sustainability managers against greater scrutiny over their emissions calculations.


What will you be showcasing at your stand at The Distributed Energy Show?

We’ll be giving demos of the Carbon Monitor – we believe it’s a really important tool that will help the CHP industry bust some popular myths surrounding the technology.


Organisations can use the Carbon Monitor to check the progress they are making on decarbonisation.  


Who are you hoping to meet at The Distributed Energy Show?

We’d like to meet CHP and other onsite generation providers – we can show them how our data tools can help them prove the low carbon credentials of their products.


We’ll also be advising organisations on how to use granular data to inform their onsite decarbonisation strategy.


If you could sum up your company in three words, what would they be?

Accelerating carbon-free energy!


Visit ENTRNCE at stand 8027 to find out more!