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Exhibitor Spotlight Interview- Enegen

The Distributed Energy Show were delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Enegen to discuss their latest developments, and what attendees to the 2024 show can expect to see from their stand.

Q: What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in?

Enegen specialises in energy trading cloud-based support applications


Q: Please explain the benefits of the technology and how it could help a business looking to improve their energy solutions?

Energy generators and traders need to take advantage of all available revenue streams to optimise profitability. In the UK, the National Grid ESO operate the ‘Balancing Mechanism’ to ensure the ‘lights stay on’ by incentivising flexible and responsive generators. Enegen’s Genstar4 is one of the very few accredited applications to allow trading on this market and is used by well over a third of the UK industry.

Complementary to Genstar4 is ATOM, the asset trade optimisation module, for commercial optimisation of generation assets across all traded power markets. Tens/hundreds of MW of electricity used to be  delivered by one or two generation assets meaning manual optimisation was feasible. With DER, many assets are needed to deliver the same MW and it is impossible to manually optimise. ATOM works in conjunction with the asset control  / SCADA systems to automate the trading of these assets across multiple markets by in built algorithms which can be tailored to individual needs. ATOM is your very own virtual power plant in a cloud.

Traders need to make informed decisions on trading strategy based on a dynamic and constantly evolving market. With the broad spectrum and volume of real time energy market data available from multiple sources, a clear visual representation of data and trends is critical to support decision making.


Q: What will you be showcasing at your stand at The Distributed Energy Show?

Quasar (the newest solution). Quasar provides real-time access to UK Balancing Mechanism market information. Quasar automatically retrieves and consolidates Balancing Mechanism market data and presents it in clean graphical displays and associated tabular lists. Pertinent data and forecasts can be provided from Quasar via either API or download for input into trading algorithms or optimisation systems such as ATOM.


Q: Who are you hoping to meet at The Distributed Energy Show?

New prospects with UK power generation assets- in particular those looking to trade on the short term wholesale markets and the UK Balancing mechanism, existing clients and prospects, and software and service partners- in particular control system vendors and complementary software providers.


Q: If you could sum up your company in three words, what would they be?

Trading, Optimisation, Dispatch.


To find out more, visit Enegen at stand 5007 on the 13th and 14th March 2024 at the Telford International Centre.