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Stand Builder FAQ’s

How do I order electrics, carpet, etc?

  • Emblem Events & Exhibitions are the official general services contractor for the event
  • They can provide stand fittings, services and utilities
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

What do I need to supply?

  • All stands MUST have walls and carpet/ flooring
  • Please note that pop-up displays/ roller banners are not considered walling

What documents do I need to submit?

  • As a stand builder, you will need to submit the following to Event Support Solutions, no later than 16 January 2024
    • Construction Phase Plan
    • Construction Phase Risk Assessment
    • Detailed Stand Plans/ Designs
    • Method Statement
    • Proof of Insurance
  • Authorisation to Build will only be issued upon the receipt and review of these documents
  • To submit these documents, please click HERE

What is the maximum build height?

  • The maximum stand build height is 4m
  • Stands that exceed the 4m build height may be permissible, subject to certification by a qualified Structural Engineer

What is the floor loading capacity in the halls?

  • The floor loading capacity in Halls 1 & 2 is 2000kg per m2
  • Please contact the Organiser if you are bringing an abnormally heavy load onsite:

What tape can I use to install carpet/ flooring at Telford International Centre?

  • All stands MUST have carpet/ flooring
  • Carpet installations must comply with BS 4790 and be secured with appropriate carpet tape to ensure there is no slip/trip hazard or damage to the fabric of the building
  • The General Services Contractor, Emblem Events & Exhibitions, can provide carpet/ flooring
  • To place an order for carpet/ flooring, please visit the Stand Services Page of this manual

What are the venue emergency procedures?

  • The venue emergency procedures can be found HERE
  • It is important you familiarise yourself with this information, prior to arriving onsite

What are the fire safety requirements?

  • Fire exits should be kept free of obstructions at all times
  • This includes all roller doors from the lorry way, main entrance to the Hall and all other pedestrian entry/ exit doors
  • The venue has fire extinguishers at fixed locations throughout the venue and are appropriate to the area they are located in
  • Any exhibitor requiring fire safety equipment on their stand should not be reliant on venue equipment within the hall and should ensure they bring the necessary items with them
  • All materials used in the construction of stands, including signs and fascia’s, shall be compliant with the British Standard relevant to the particular material or item and ultimately, non-combustible, inherently non-flammable or durably flameproof in accordance with BS 476-Part 7
  • Fabrics, drapes, curtains, hangings etc. must be inherently or durably flame-proofed to comply with BS 5867-Part 2, otherwise they may be treated with a proprietary flame retardant
  • Test certificates must be available for inspection for any materials intended to be used

Do I need insurance?

  • YES – whilst the organisers take every precaution to protect your property during the event, we are not responsible for any loss or damage
  • You must ensure you take out adequate insurance cover for the period of your participation
  • You are responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties
  • Both your employers liability and public liability insurance values should be not less than £5 million each, per occurrence

Event Schedule

To view the full schedule please click HERE

When can I build-up the stand?

  • Custom-Build Stand Contractors:
    • Monday 11 March 2024: 9.00am – 7.00pm
    • Tuesday 12 March 2024: 9.00am – 7.00pm
  • Shell Scheme, Stand Package & Self-Build Exhibitors:
    • Tuesday 12 March 2024: 12.00pm – 7.00pm

When can I breakdown the stand?

  • The show closes on 14 March 2024 at 3.30pm; breakdown will commence at 4.00pm
  • 30 mins will be required after show close to ensure visitors have vacated the halls and the mains power has been switched off
  • At 4.00pm:
    • Exhibits can be removed from the halls
    • Structural dismantling of stands can commence
    • Stored empties/ crates will be delivered to stands

Shipping & Handling

How can I make arrangements for forklift assistance?

  • You are welcome to hand-carry smaller items into the hall, or use your own trolley
  • If you require forklift assistance for larger items, you must pre-order this service from the official shipping & handling contractor, European International Fairs
  • Please visit the Stand Services Page to place your orders

Where can I ship my materials to?

  • Please visit the Stand Services Page for full shipping instructions
  • It is advisable to use the advance warehouse facility provided by European International Fairs, for your shipments
  • Deliveries to the advance warehouse will be stored ahead of time, transferred to the venue and delivered to your stand
  • If you are shipping directly to the venue, please either ensure that a representative from your company is there to receive the shipment, or, coordinate the delivery with our partner, European International Fairs
    • Alternatively, consider making use of the advance warehouse facility provided by European International Fairs, for your shipments

Travel Information

What is the venue address?

  • Halls 1 & 2, Telford International Centre, International Way, Telford, TF3 4JH

How do I get to the venue?

  • Please view our travel page, linked HERE

Where can I park and what is the cost?

  • The venue has the use of approx. 1500 car parking spaces onsite
  • Exhibitor parking is FREE OF CHARGE for the duration of the event
  • Exhibitors and contractors MUST display THIS PASS in their vehicle window at all times to gain entry to the car parks
  • The parking pass is valid for for build-up, show open and breakdown
  • Exhibitors should use the following car parks:
    • Build-up, Show Open and Breakdown: Car Parks P4 & P5
    • Click HERE to view the venue Site Map


What facilities are there at the show?

  • Toilets are either accessible from the Hall 1 foyer or the lower concourse
  • A cash point is located on the lower concourse, opposite Costa Coffee. Please note there is a charge of £1.75 for the use of this facility.
  • Cloakroom facilities will be available inside the venue Main Entrance – £2.00 per item
  • Food & Beverage items will be available to purchase from outlets on the lower concourse during build-up and breakdown
  • Food & Beverage items will be available to purchase from outlets on the lower concourse and in Hall 1 during on the show open days

For onsite enquiries:

  • Exhibitor Services is located in the foyer, outside Hall 1
  • Representatives from the Organiser Operations Team, General Service Contractor, and Shipping & Handling will be available, should you require assistance
  • The phone number for the organiser office is +44 (0)1273 286 399

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