Exhibitor FAQ’s

My Stand

What is included in my contract?

  • All contracts are for RAW FLOOR SPACE ONLY, unless otherwise agreed
  • Exhibitors MUST order or supply carpet/ flooring and walls for their stand, as a minimum

How do I find out my stand number and size?

  • Please view the floorplan HERE
  • If you require a technical version of the plan, please email: juliette.rogers@event-partners.com

Where can I view my exhibitor listing?

  • Please visit our website to view your exhibitor listing
  • If your company is missing, please contact lana.mercer@event-partners.com

Building My Stand

How do I order a stand package, carpet, electrics etc?

  • Emblem Events & Exhibitions is the official General Services Contractor for this event
  • They can provide stand fittings, services and utilities
  • Please visit the Stand Services page to place orders for your requirements

What do I need to order/ supply?

  • All stands MUST have walls and carpet/ flooring
  • Please note that pop-up/ roller banners are not considered walling and will need to be accompanied by shell scheme

Can I use my own stand builder?

  • You are welcome to appoint your own contractor to install a custom-build stand for you
  • Please make sure they are familiar with the contents of this manual
  • Please complete Compulsory Stand Form 3 by the deadline specified
  • Make sure your stand design adheres to our Display Rules & Regulations
  • Your stand builder must submit:
    • Detailed stand plans/ designs
    • Construction Phase Plan
    • Construction Phase Risk Assessment
    • Method Statement
    • Proof of Insurance
  • Authorisation to Build cannot be issued until all of these documents have been reviewed

What is the maximum build height for my stand?

  • The maximum stand build height is 4m
  • Stands that exceed 4m are classed as a complex structure and may be permissible, subject to certification by a qualified Structural Engineer

What is the floor loading capacity in the halls?

  • The floor loading capacity in Halls 1 & 2 is 2000kg per m2

Who do I contact to arrange graphics for my stand?

  • Emblem Events & Exhibitions can supply shell scheme infill panels, seamless graphics and bespoke requirements
  • Please visit the Stand Services page to place orders for your requirements

Ordering Services/ Equipment for My Stand

Who are the main contractors for the event?

  • Emblem Events & Exhibitions are the official general services contractor for the event. They can provide stand fittings, services and utilities
  • Telford International Centre (venue) can provide on-stand catering, on-stand security and enhanced cleaning
  • European International Fairs are the official freight services contractor for the event. They can provide freight handling, advance warehousing, deliveries, forklift assistance and onsite storage for empties/ crates
  • Jonas Event Technology are the registration company and can provide exhibitor badges and lead retrieval/ data capture services
  • Please visit the Stand Services page to place orders for your requirements

Event Schedule

To view the full event schedule, please click HERE

When can I build-up my stand?

  • Tuesday 12 March 2024
    • 9.00am – 7.00pm – custom build exhibitors (using their own contractor to build their stand)
    • 12.00pm – 7.00pm – shell scheme/ stand package exhibitors (using Emblem Events & Exhibitions to build their stand)

When can I breakdown my stand?

  • To protect the health and safety of all event attendees, removal of exhibits cannot commence until 4.00pm on Thursday 14 March 2024
  • Structural breakdown of stands can commence from 4.00pm, when all visitors have vacated the hall and the mains power has been turned off
  • Delivery of stored empties/ crates to stands by European International Fairs will commence from 4.00pm also

Exhibitor Badges/ Customer Invitations

How do I get my exhibitor badge?

  • Please use this link to order your exhibitor badges
  • Badges are complimentary and unlimited
  • Your badge will be sent to you by email, before the show
  • It is highly advisable to print your badges, prior to arrival, to fast-track your entry into the hall, and help minimise queuing onsite
  • Alternatively, they can be printed onsite at the Registration Area in the Hall 1 Foyer
  • NOTE: if you are using your own contractor to build your stand, it is not necessary to register them for exhibitor badges

What do I get access to?

Please wear your exhibitor badge at all times onsite to access the following:

  • Halls 1 & 2 at Telford International Centre
  • Free-to-attend 3-Track Conference taking place in theatres in Halls 1 & 2
  • Post-event conference proceedings (inclusive of presentation and audio files that we have authorisation to share)

How do I invite my customers to the show?

  • Please email sarah.daniels@event-partners.com; the marketing team will be happy to provide you with your own dedicated registration link to distribute to your client base

Freight Movement/ Handling

Can I hand-carry items for my stand into the hall myself?

  • You are welcome to hand-carry smaller items into the hall, or use your own trolley
  • If you require forklift assistance for larger items, you must pre-order from the official freight services provider, European International Fairs
  • Please visit the Stand Services page to place orders for your requirements

Where can I ship my stand materials to?

  • Please visit the Stand Services page for full shipping instructions
  • It is advisable to use the advance warehouse facility provided by European International Fairs, for your shipments
  • If you are shipping directly to the venue, please either ensure that a representative from your company is there to receive the shipment, or, coordinate the delivery with our partner, European International Fairs
    • Alternatively, consider making use of the advance warehouse facility provided by European International Fairs, for your shipments

Other Planning

What is the venue address?

  • Halls 1 & 2, Telford International Centre, International Way, Telford, TF3 4JH

How do I get to the venue?

I am driving to the venue – where can I park and what is the cost?

  • The venue has the use of approx. 1500 car parking spaces onsite
  • Exhibitor parking is FREE OF CHARGE for the duration of the event
  • Exhibitors and contractors MUST display THIS PASS in their vehicle window at all times to gain entry to the car parks
  • The parking pass is valid for for build-up, show open and breakdown
  • Exhibitors should use the following car parks:
    • Build-up, Show Open and Breakdown: Car Parks P4 & P5
    • Click HERE to view the venue Site Map

I need to book a hotel – have you secured any preferential rates at nearby?

  • Please visit our Accommodation Page, to access the booking system for our partner hotels

What facilities are there at the Venue?

  • Toilets are either accessible from the Hall 1 foyer or the lower concourse
  • A cash point is located on the lower concourse, opposite Costa Coffee. Please note there is a charge of £1.75 for the use of this facility.
  • Cloakroom facilities will be available inside the venue Main Entrance – £2.00 per item
  • Food & Beverage items will be available to purchase from outlets on the lower concourse during build-up and breakdown
  • Food & Beverage items will be available to purchase from outlets on the lower concourse and in Hall 1 during on the show open days

Is there free Wi-Fi?

  • The venue provides a wi-fi network which is suitable for light browsing only
    • Network: TICUK
    • Enter your email address to login
  • This network is not suitable for use on stands
  • Hardline connections are recommended if exhibitors require a strong reliable connection
  • Please visit the Stand Services page to place orders for your requirements

Is stand cleaning provided?

  • Basic stand cleaning is included and is provided by the in-house Housekeeping team
  • This will be carried out overnight 12 & 13 March 2024
  • Please leave rubbish for removal in the gangways or use the industrial bins provided
  • To place an order for enhanced stand cleaning, please email emma.welch@tictelford.com

Will there be security?

  • General hall security will be provided during build-up, show open days and breakdown
  • The hall will also be locked and patrolled overnight
  • Exhibitors are reminded take their own precautions against theft, and be vigilant at all times
  • If you have high value items like equipment/ machinery on your stand, you may wish to order your own dedicated on-stand security personnel
  • To place an order for on-stand security, please email emma.welch@tictelford.com

Do I need insurance?

  • YES – whilst the organisers take every precaution to protect your property during the event, we are not responsible for any loss or damage
  • You must ensure you take out adequate insurance cover for the period of your participation
  • You are responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties
  • Your Employers’ Liability insurance must be in compliance with the current legislation
  • Your Public and Products Liability insurance should have an indemnity limit of at least £5,000,000 per occurrence

Can I serve coffee on my stand?

  • If you are bringing your own coffee machine, there is a daily fee of £200, payable to Telford International Centre
  • Any electrical items brought on to site require PAT testing certification
  • If you are serving food on your stand, a member of your team must have a level 1 food hygiene certificate
  • Alternatively, Telford International Centre offers both self-serve hot drinks packages and hostess & service staff
  • To make arrangements to bring your own coffee machine, or to place a catering order, please visit the Stand Services Page

I have a question that is not covered in the FAQ’s – who do I contact?

Please review the A – Z Exhibitor Information section of this manual in the first instance
If you query is still not resolved, email our Operations Team who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry: juliette.rogers@event-partners.org