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Exhibitor COVID-19 Information

Exhibitor COVID-19 Information


Planning your participation with us, whilst taking COVID-19 into consideration, doesn’t have to be hard. We hope the following guidance gives you an overview of what you need to think about.

This information has been designed to be simple and easy to understand/ digest. If you require more in-depth guidance on any of the points, or have another covid-secure enquiry, please contact the Operations Team, who will be happy to assist you:

Organiser Measures & Policies

  • To view our latest health protection measures and admission policies, please click HERE
  • These are based on the latest guidance, therefore may be subject to change. We recommended you visit this page regularly to check for updates

Exhibitor Guidance

Keep it Simple – Stand Design

  • Design – If you are building your own stand, design a space that is simple to construct, and easy to dismantle
  • Build – How much of your stand needs to be ‘built’ – can it be prefabricated in a modular format in advance, to reduce the assembly time onsite?
  • Materials – try and work with materials and stand fittings that are easy to clean/ wipe down, as much as possible
  • Schedule – Work with your stand contractor to schedule the build – make sure each trade (e.g. walling, flooring, electrics etc) has enough time to complete their job, before the next team arrive
  • Staff – think about how many staff you really need to build your stand, man it on show open days and break it down afterwards
  • Safety – what else can you do to keep your stand safe? Do you need a one-way system? What signage do you need? Would screens further protect your staff who will be meeting regularly with a variety of people face-to-face?

Keep it Clean – Stand Hygiene

  • As the Organiser, we will work with the venue to ensure enhanced cleaning protocols are in place, including hand sanitising stations in key locations e.g. entrance/ registration areas, conference theatres, networking lounges, service desks, catering facilities etc
  • Exhibitors will be responsible for their own on-stand cleaning/ hygiene measures
  • Hand Sanitiser – this should be readily available on your stand
  • High Touch Points – make sure you have your own on-stand cleaning products. Regularly wipe down areas that are high contact e.g. counter tops, door/ cabinet handles, display products, equipment etc
  • Deep Clean – schedule some time at the end of each day or first thing in the morning, to thoroughly clean your stand, products, displays etc
  • Waste – regular disposal of rubbish from your stand is advisable
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – You will need to provide the appropriate PPE for your staff if required (e.g. face coverings). The use of PPE should be in conjunction with robust on-stand hygiene and cleaning protocols, and is not a replacement for these measures

Keep it Sensible – Stand Activity

  • Greetings – whilst handshakes, high fives and hugs are all back on the menu, be mindful some people may not be keen on physical contact. Respect the personal space and wishes of others when necessary
  • Collateral – make sure you’re promotional materials are available in a variety of formats (e.g. print, electronic) and giveaways like gift and sweets are individually wrapped
  • Meetings – pre-arrange these where possible so you are able to manage the number of people on your stand throughout the day
  • Touching Products – if it’s essential for items on your stand to be handled, make sure they are cleaned regularly
  • Data Capture – think about using our Lead Retrieval/ Data Capture service, rather than collecting business cards. This is app or handheld scanner based, according to your preference and can be ordered via this manual. The data will be made available to you after the event electronically
  • Catering – if you will be providing food & beverage items on your stand, pre-packaged/ bottled products are preferred. If you will be having a barista preparing hot drinks or staff serving a buffet, make sure you have the appropriate measures in place to protect them

Keep it Safe – Health & Safety

  • The challenge faced by all industries as a result of COVID-19, is purely one of Health & Safety
  • Transmission can be mitigated by the wearing of face coverings, frequent hand washing/ sanitising, regular cleaning activities etc
  • Assess – include a COVID-specific section to your risk assessment for the event
  • Control – detail the control measures you will have in place to limit the transmission of COVID-19 on your stand
  • Communicate – brief your team on your stand protocols, well in advance of the event, to ensure your measures are adhered to onsite
  • Protect – make sure your onsite team are in good health to exhibit. If any staff member tests positive, displays symptoms* or believes they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19, they should NOT attend the event
    • *Main symptoms of COVID-19 include:
      • a high temperature (37.8C or greater)
      • a new continuous cough
      • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

We have a collective responsibility to maintain covid-security onsite; thank you for your cooperation.

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