Deliveries & Loading/ Unloading

Advanced Shipments:

  • The venue does not have a warehousing facility and cannot accept advance freight shipments
  • Arrangements should be made with European International Fairs for advance shipments to their warehouse

Direct-to-Venue Shipments:

  • If you are shipping directly to the venue, please either ensure that a representative from your company is there to receive the shipment, or, coordinate the delivery with our partner, European International Fairs

Loading/ Unloading:

  • Report to the Gate House on Arrival and follow instructions and directions given by Security Personnel
  • Vehicles entering the venue grounds must conform to speed limits and road signs
  • Do not park on double yellow lines or hatched areas
  • Do not park on pavements or pedestrian walkways as this may obstruct pedestrians
  • Slow down when approaching junctions, narrow roadways and in areas of congestion
  • Avoid obstructing points of access or exit
  • Ensure your vehicle parking pass is on display in the vehicle
  • A queuing system for loading / unloading on occasions will be in operation
  • Adhere to times allocated for loading / unloading given to you by Security personnel
  • If you experience difficulties and cannot complete your loading / unloading on time then please inform a member of Security who may be able to extend your time
  • A ‘One Way’ system on occasions will be in operation. Follow instruction and directions given by Security at this time
  • Once you have unloaded your vehicle you will be directed to a car park
  • Request Banksman assistance from Security personnel before reversing your vehicle if over 7.5 tonnes
  • All pedestrians please be aware of vehicles loading and unloading and moving / reversing vehicles including forklifts. Always use designated pedestrian walkways
  • Vehicles parked in unauthorised areas may be removed by the venue