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Final Contractor Joining Instructions

**Important Reminder**

You MUST wear a hi-vis vest and suitable footwear on both the build-up and breakdown of this event to comply with CDM Regulations.

Venue Address:

  • Halls 1 & 2, Telford International Centre, International Way, Telford, TF3 4JH

Event Schedule:

  • Please click HERE to review the event schedule which includes build-up and breakdown access, and show opening hours

CDM Regulations:

  • The build-up and breakdown periods of this event operate under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  • All exhibitors MUST wear a hi-vis vest and suitable footwear for a construction environment; sturdy boots with ankle support are recommended
  • Hi-vis vests are not supplied. You will not be permitted to access the halls by the security team without them, so please make sure you bring them with you!
  • All exhibitors and contractors will be issued with a green wrist band upon entry; please wear it for the duration of the build-period
  • Please familiarise yourself with the Site Rules and Induction, prior to your arrival

Build-up & Breakdown:

  • General
    • Please view the Event Schedule for full exhibitor access times
    • Please view the venue Traffic Management Procedures for helpful information
    • Be security conscious – build-up and breakdown are classic times for easily movable items such as laptops, mobiles, handbags etc to be stolen
    • Please be patient – build-up and breakdown at the venue are usually very smooth and quick. As long as these guidelines are adhered to, everything should be hassle-free
    • Accidents are more likely to happen during the build-up and breakdown periods of an event. For your safety, and the safety of others, the following guidelines must be adhered to during these times:
  • Build-up and Breakdown
    • CDM Regulations will be in effect for the duration – a hi-vis vest and suitable footwear are compulsory
    • To view the site rules and induction, please click HERE
    • Industry and company Health & Safety policies are to be observed and adhered to at all times
    • No persons under the age of 16 are permitted in the exhibition hall during these periods
    • No vehicles will be allowed to load/ unload or enter / exit the venue until authorised by a member of the venue security team
    • No large items i.e. pop-up stands or trolleys may be taken through any of the main public entrances. All equipment must exit the building via the roller doors at the rear and side of the hall
    • Do not obstruct the aisles and exits with rubbish etc. Gangway access needs to be maintained in case of an emergency
  • Breakdown
    • The events will close at 4:00pm on 15 March 2023
    • Breakdown will commence 30 minutes after show close/ when all visitors have vacated the hall. Please do NOT attempt to remove exhibits or breakdown your stand until this time
    • The pedestrian exits will be opened 30 minutes after show close to allow exhibitors to exit the hall with items that can be carried
    • Roller doors at the rear of the hall will not be opened until the venue security team are happy that the show is clear of visitors (approximately 30 minutes after show close). Contractors may then gain access and movement of trolleys / fork lifts can commence
    • Power will be turned off 30 minutes after show close
    • No large items i.e. pop-up stands or trolleys may be taken through any of the main public entrances. These must exit the building via the roller doors at the rear of the hall
    • All exhibits need to be clear of the hall no later than 10.00pm on 15 March 2023
    • ALL (non-rental) stand items MUST be removed by exhibitors at the end of the event; this includes leftover leaflets/ marketing collateral, custom-build stand carpet etc

Build-Up Access:

  • Please click HERE to view the venue site map
  • Exhibitors/ contractors who need to use the lorry way to access the hall:
    • Please review the venue’s Traffic Management Procedures
    • Report to Gate B on arrival and follow instructions and directions given by security personnel
    • A queuing system for unloading will be in operation
    • Adhere to times allocated for loading / unloading given to you by Security personnel
    • Request Banksman assistance from security personnel before reversing your vehicle if over 7.5 tonnes
  • Exhibitors/ contractors who can hand carry smaller items:
    • Should use Car Parks P4 & P5, accessing the hall through one of the side entrances
  • All vehicles must display THIS VEHICLE PASS

Breakdown Access:

  • Exhibits can be removed and booths dismantled from 4.30pm on 15 March 2023 – breakdown prior to this time is not permitted
  • Exhibitors/ contractors who need to use the lorry way to access the hall – a queuing system for loading will be in operation
  • Exhibitors/ contractors who can hand carry smaller items out – may do so via the venue main entrance/ pedestrian exits from 4.30pm

Loading/ Unloading:

  • Report to the Gate House on Arrival and follow instructions and directions given by Security Personnel
  • Vehicles entering the venue grounds must conform to speed limits and road signs
  • Do not park on double yellow lines or hatched areas
  • Do not park on pavements or pedestrian walkways as this may obstruct pedestrians
  • Slow down when approaching junctions, narrow roadways and in areas of congestion
  • Avoid obstructing points of access or exit
  • Ensure your vehicle parking pass is on display in the vehicle
  • A queuing system for loading / unloading on occasions will be in operation
  • Adhere to times allocated for loading / unloading given to you by Security personnel
  • If you experience difficulties and cannot complete your loading / unloading on time then please inform a member of Security who may be able to extend your time
  • A ‘One Way’ system on occasions will be in operation. Follow instruction and directions given by Security at this time
  • Once you have unloaded your vehicle you will be directed to a car park
  • Request Banksman assistance from Security personnel before reversing your vehicle if over 7.5 tonnes
  • All pedestrians please be aware of vehicles loading and unloading and moving / reversing vehicles including forklifts. Always use designated pedestrian walkways
  • Vehicles parked in unauthorised areas may be removed by the venue

Onsite Enquiries:

  • Exhibitor Services/ Organiser Office is located in the suite of offices outside the entrance to Hall 1 Entrance
  • Representatives from the Organiser Operations Team, Stand Services Contractor, Shipping & Handling and Health & Safety Teams will be available, should you require assistance
  • The phone number for Exhibitor Services is 01273 286 399

Freight, Delivery Handling, Forklifts and Storage:

  • European International Fairs is the official freight services provider for this event
  • They can help you with shipping, advance warehousing, deliveries to the venue, forklift assistance, storage of empties/ crates and outbound items
  • European International Fairs are the only company authorised to drive forklifts at The Distributed Energy Show
  • For full shipping information and instructions, please visit the Stand Services Page of this manual


  • Food & Beverage items will be available to purchase from outlets on the lower concourse during build-up and breakdown

Fire Safety Requirements:

  • All materials used in the construction of stands, including signs and fascia’s, shall be compliant with the British Standard relevant to the particular material or item and ultimately, non-combustible, inherently non-flammable or durably flameproof in accordance with BS 476-Part 7
  • Fabrics, drapes, curtains, hangings etc. must be inherently or durably flame-proofed to comply with BS 5867-Part 2, otherwise they may be treated with a proprietary flame retardant
  • Test certificates must be available for inspection for any materials intended to be used

Power/ Electrics:

  • Please note, stand electrics/ power are not included in exhibitor contracts
  • To place an order for stand-alone electrics/ lighting, please visit the Stand Services Page of this manual
  • All stand electrics must be installed by a qualified/competent contractor
  • External contractors must provide evidence of testing and certification for electrical works carried out
  • Any work done by your contractor will be checked by an Emblem Events & Exhibitions electrician onsite
  • Only one extension lead can be plugged into a single socket outlet
  • Extension leads must have a cord no longer than 2 meters and a maximum of 4 ways and hold an up to date P.A.T test certificate
  • Direct machinery mains connections are available on request; please contact Emblem Events & Exhibitions to discuss your requirements: 

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