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Exhibitor Interview: Ziv Automation UK

What technologies does your company specialise in?

Protection, Automation, SCADA systems, ANM & Microgrids

How does the technology work?

  • Each technology works in different ways but to industry standard practices
  • Protection Relays – Protect the assets – ZIV is a market leader in protection solutions with over 30 years experience
  • Automation equipment – Automate the assets – ZIV is a market leader in automation with over 35 years experience
  • SCADA Systems – Control the assets – ZIV’s SCADA platform is widely used for private networks
  • ANM & Microgrid Solutions – Enable the Renewable connections to maximise Export & or Import capacity – ZIV are the market leader in ANM solutions with over 10 years experience

Please explain the benefits of the technology and how it will help towards Net-Zero targets?

The SCADA systems control the sites enabling the customer to run the site in the most efficient way.

The ANM solutions enable the renewable assets to connect to the grid and export & or import energy for the maximum amount of time without being curtailed. This is a key solution to enable the transition to Net Zero.

What will you be showcasing at your stand at The Distributed Energy Show?

We will have Protection Relays, RTU’s, Constraint panels and a screen demonstrating SCADA & ANM projects

Who are you hoping to meet at The Distributed Energy Show?

New potential customers primarily in the renewables sector.

If you could sum up your company in three words, what would they be?

Innovative – Customer focused – Experts

Meet the team on stand 5007