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Exhibitor Interview: Conrad Energy

What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in? 

Conrad Energy is a leading UK energy company, powering the move towards renewables through innovation and technology. We generate power using a range of technologies to support the National Grid when renewables can’t meet demand and we buy, sell and manage energy for businesses nationally.

If you’re interested in buying energy, we can supply it on a fixed price contract, providing you with cost certainty. And our energy is of renewable origin, which can help you meet environmental targets. If your business is a heavy energy user, we can offer a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) to fix your costs for the long-term and provide price stability. Or if you’re seeking energy stability, on- or off-site generation might be the answer. Our fully funded solutions can supply your energy needs.

If your business already has either flexible or renewable generation assets, we can maximise your recurring revenue on a long or short-term basis and provide you with a route to market through one of our PPAs.

Please explain the benefits of the technology and how it could help a business looking to improve their energy solutions? 

We help businesses with a range of energy solutions to reduce costs, increase income,  lower carbon emissions and increase energy security. Whatever your business and energy needs, we can help manage your energy and emissions efficiently, with fixed or flexible energy products tailored to your specific needs.

What will you be showcasing at your stand at The Distributed Energy Show?

We do energy differently – because we know each business is unique. The Distributed Energy Show offers an opportunity for people to meet our energy experts such as Tim Foster, George Hall, or Alexander Vit, to talk through their individual buying, selling or generation requirements and understand how we can help.

Who are you hoping to meet at The Distributed Energy Show?

There’s no one size fits all! High energy users who are looking for funded solutions to slash their carbon and reduce their energy costs. Energy asset owners looking for PPAs. Landlords looking for energy solutions for multi-tenanted buildings. Landowners interested in long term energy partnerships through hosting an energy installation.

If you could sum up your company in three words, what would they be? 

Collaborative, trusted, smart

Conrad Energy are exhibiting at The Distributed Energy Show on stand 5016.