Stand: 4017

2G Energy AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of combined heat and power system (CHP) for the decentralised provision of power and heat on the basis of gas motors driven by natural gas, biomethane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas or hydrogen.


Stand: 5021

AMPS (the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems) is the voice of the UK’s world-leading diesel and gas-engine power generating sector. Raising standards, ensuring best-practice and safeguarding the future of the sector. AMPS membership covers:Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors, Service providers, Rental Companies Related Providers.  www.amps.org.uk 

Stand: 2018

AlphaESS is one of the leading energy storage solution and service providers in the globe. The company specializes in the residential and commercial market, aiming to deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions.

Stand: 2026

Amp X is a digital energy platform designed to unlock flexibility from distributed energy resources. Our autonomy-based Smart Transformers will enhance local grid stability, capacity and resilience, while our behind-the-meter energy management system will maximise the commercial potential of flexibility from grid-edge assets, ultimately enabling fully transactive, future-proof grids.


Stand: 3025

BOLLFILTER is a brand of the renowned BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau GmbH in Germany, a world market leader in providing liquid and gas filtration equipment since 1950, with subsidiaries and sales/service offices strategically positioned around the globe.


Stand: 2032

Cheesecake Energy Ltd (CEL) has developed the world’s most sustainable energy storage technology for local renewable energy networks (microgrids) and electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging. We use off-the-shelf industrial hardware in a proprietary system configuration to deliver an energy storage technology offering greater resilience and lower cost than lithium-ion batteries.

Stand: 7025

Clarke Energy, a KOHLER Company, is a multi-award-winning global business specialising in the engineeringinstallation and maintenance of distributed power generation solutions. Clarke Energy provides distributed power plant solutions with market leading engineering, installation and maintenance support.

Stand: 3018

Conrad Energy develops, owns and trades flexible and sustainable power generation, supporting businesses and the National Grid as the UK transitions to net zero. Our energy solutions, including commercial energy supply and behind the meter installations, enable our customers across the UK to optimise their energy outcomes whilst supporting critical national infrastructure.


Stand: 4008

Delta-Xero manufactures offline fluid conditioning systems for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and other operating fluids used in energy, construction, marine, waste management and manufacturing.

Stand: 2030

Dynamic Energy Solutions are committed to a sustainable future and specialize in all sectors of renewable energy. Our focus is on Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV charging. Our mission is to create a cleaner, safer planet in which we live, by working together with our clients to improve our local environmental sustainability.


Stand: 6029

ESTA, the Energy Services and Technology Association, is the UK’s leading Energy Management industry association. ESTA focuses on demand-side energy management and efficiency across all sectors and operations including buildings, processes and transport.

Stand: 3029

Easy Crypto Hunter is the UK’s premium service provider for Cryptocurrency Mining. We educate and make people aware of the tangible investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. Our main products are our ‘mining rigs’. Essentially these machines are very powerful computers which power the Cryptocurrency network, just like computers power the current financial system. But by owning one of these machines you passively earn Cryptocurrency every single day for just leaving it turned on, you don’t have to do anything!

Stand: 3022

ENWCML Energy, a division of Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance). Launched to take advantage of the growing distributed energy sector and to assist in the development and construction of projects which assist the shift from DNO to DSO. ENWCML Energy are expertly placed to take advantage of the changing energy landscape

Stand: 2022

EWT is at the heart of the global transition towards lower carbon and more sustainable forms of power generation, helping individuals, businesses and communities of all sizes to become distributed energy champions.

Stand: 4014

Enegen Power Systems is a leading U.K. based provider of scheduling, wholesale trading and Balancing Mechanism dispatch and commercial optimisation software that works seamlessly with our Nebula portal platform to provide a complete optimisation, dispatch and reporting system for the energy sector.

Stand: 3010

Erova Energy is an energy trading company based in Dublin that commenced trading in the UK and Irish power markets in July 2015 and now has offices in Dublin, London and Amsterdam. Erova has unique expertise in short term traded markets with traded volumes in excess of 150 GWh/month across both proprietary and client based positions.


Stand: 1000

Flex Assure is a voluntary compliance scheme for Flexibility Services Providers. Membership of Flex Assure provides a clear sign to business energy users that a Flexibility Services Provider is committed to abide by the industry-leading standards defined in the Code of Conduct, strengthening consumer trust in the rapidly evolving market for energy flexibility services.


Stand: 3026

Green Frog Genovate are specialists in the consultancy, design and delivery of power generation projects, offering a complete power back up solution for the public and private sector. We provide complete solutions for all power generation installation needs. We supply, install and maintain diesel and gas generators across the UK, whether you need a single standby engine or a multi-engine power station.

Stand: 5015

The GSHP Association is the focal point for business interests in the ground source heat pump industry. The purpose of the Association is:

  1. to provide benefits to members
  2. to share best practice and develop and disseminate industry approved technical standards, training criteria and codes of practice
  3. to promote the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and technical competence within the ground source energy industry
  4. to represent the ground source heating & cooling industry, promoting sustainable use of heat pump technology and engaging with government and other bodies to influence relevant policymaking.


Stand: 2025

A unique infrastructure asset company which funds, owns & maintains Shared Ground Loop Arrays that serve Kensa ground source heat pump installations delivered by Kensa Contracting. Kensa Utilities utilises subsidy support to provide ground array infrastructure at zero cost to house builders, housing associations, and developers.


Stand: 4021

Limejump is a technology platform that manages a large renewable energy network. Our portfolio delivers clean energy to businesses and homes, using renewables and stored energy when it’s needed to meet demand.

Limejump connects and manages 100% renewable energy through the intelligent control of renewable generators, such as wind turbines and solar panels. We work closely with renewable asset owners, buying their energy and then selling it in to the UK’s grid, giving them simple access to the power market

Stand: 4016

Logan Energy is a leading hydrogen technology company with a proven track record for delivering affordable, market ready projects and solutions in the low carbon, renewable energy, and hydrogen sectors.


Stand: 5001

measurable.energy’s bold ambition: eliminate all wasted energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from buildings, automatically and without any extra burden to occupants. Over the past 3 years we’ve evolved from home-made smart socket prototypes and basic software into the market-ready certified "m.e Platform" with integral Machine Learning. It's the ultimate building control, automation and management system to eliminate waste.


Stand: 3030

NODES is the independent marketplace for a sustainable energy future where grid owners, producers and consumers of energy can trade decentralised flexibility and energy.

Stand: 7021

Netcontrol is your energy network automation specialist. Looking to reduce your Carbon Foot and your Electrical Energy Costs? Want to protect your business or facility from electrical disturbances or power outages? We provide remote control and monitoring of LV and HV equipment for energy generators and IDNOs and monitoring systems for energy intensive industries to identify technical and behavioural losses, quantify energy and carbon reduction and record DNO under voltage events.


Stand: 4020

On-Site Energy is your partner for the low carbon energy transition. We focus on working with energy intensive manufacturers to bring innovation, improved energy efficiency and deliver onsite energy generation.  We unblock investment barriers with flexible zero capex options. We are transparent, data-led and independent of any technology, vendor or energy supplier.

Trading and automation software for short-term power trading. Our technology provides access to all major energy and short-term power markets, enabling energy companies to harness the shifting commercial opportunities of the global energy transition and optimise increasingly complex physical, financial and contractual positions.


Stand: 5025

PPAYA is a technology start up in the renewable space. Our team combines decades of experience in the renewables space with cutting-edge market monitoring technology to make sure you get the most out of your power.

Stand: 3016

Powerstar is a market leading smart energy solution provider, designing, manufacturing, and delivering advanced engineering solutions for specialist applications. The company’s vision focuses on helping clients solve unique energy problems affecting their business, and Powerstar’s expertise enables a fully bespoke solution to be delivered to meet the client’s goals.


Stand: 1000

The Association for Decentralised Energy is setting the vision of a local, efficient, low carbon energy system which enables energy users to make the choices which work for them.

We are the leading trade association for decentralised energy, representing more than 160 interested parties from across the industrial, commercial and public sectors. 


Stand: 2018

Award-winning specialists in renewable energy solutions, Waxman Energy Ltd. is one of the UK's largest solar distributors of PV modules, battery storage, EV chargers, inverters and mounting systems.

Setting them apart is their commitment to installer training both on-site and through webinars, ensuring installers have the knowledge to install their products correctly and safely from start to finish.

Stand: 4009

We design, manufacture and supply power and distribution transformer and battery trip units. Our Wilson e3 Ultra-low loss amorphous transformer is the UK’s most efficient transformer. Our award-winning low loss amorphous transformers have been installed in over 1300 locations across the UK and have helped organisations save energy, carbon and money.


Stand 4029

Operating from the UK, Ylem Energy is an international organisation with more than 25 years’ experience in building, owning and operating smart generation and storage systems. Ylem’s fully funded solutions include Solar PV, battery storage and hydrogen-ready gas generation, as well as carbon off-setting services, that fully integrate with the sites they serve and help our clients to deliver net zero plans.