EV Infrastructure Zone

There are currently over 1 million electric vehicles on UK roads and this number is currently growing at around 40% per year (2021 – 2022 growth, source: Zap-Map). Octopus Energy estimate that one in four households will purchase an electric car in the next five years and in 2030, there will be no option to purchase a new petrol or diesel vehicle.

It is therefore a certainty that the UK needs EV charging provision, fast. Businesses will be expected to provide customers and employees with charging options whilst local authorities, property developers and building owners are having to rapidly roll out technology to satisfy the increasing demand to refill drivers’ batteries.

The EV Infrastructure Zone at The Distributed Energy Show is a dedicated exhibition and conference programme designed to showcase the latest Charging Technologies covering the full supply chain involved in the process of installing, operating and maintaining EV infrastructure.

Technologies on display: Audience Breakdown:
Charging Stations Large / Multi-Site Business
Payment Systems Local Authority
Cabling & Connectors Car Park Operator
Electrical Switches, Relays & Components Property Developer
Mobile Applications Building Owner / Manager
Wireless Communications Energy Supplier
Energy Network Operator
Electrical Installer

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