ENTRNCE Presents: New Carbon Monitor tool proves in real-time when CHP is cleaner than the grid

Technology company ENTRNCE is developing a game-changing new data platform which will affirm CHP’s continuing role in the clean energy transition.

The Carbon Monitor compares the half-hourly carbon emissions of onsite combined heat and power (CHP) versus conventional methods of heat and grid electricity. It is currently licensed to CHP specialists EuroSite Power, who are collaborating with ENTRNCE to develop the tool.

The Carbon Monitor will help estates managers make the environmental business case for investing in CHP or maintaining existing assets.

The carbon intensity of the grid carbon varies hour by hour, due to the intermittency of renewables and the varying supply from fossil fuel generators. Historically, comparing the emissions of onsite CHP with grid electricity has been inaccurate, and relied upon average grid carbon intensity figures.

The Carbon Monitor captures real-time data on the GHG emissions produced by a CHP in operation, every 30 minutes. It then compares this with the actual carbon intensity of the grid during those times.

Crucially, the web-based platform shows the number of half-hourly periods when the CHP in operation was cleaner than the grid.

End users get an accurate picture of the total carbon saved when the CHP unit was operating. It also allows them to make informed predictions, to make the business case for new CHP.


Read the full press release from ENTRNCE: https://www.entrnce.com/en-gb/blog/eurosite-power-and-entrnce-launch-tool-to-prove-carbon-saving-credentials-of-chp-in-real-time


CHP solution providers should contact www.ENTRNCE.co.uk for a demo of the Carbon Monitor.


Estates managers considering CHP or seeking to understand the performance of existing CHP assets can get in touch with EuroSite Power: https://www.eurositepower.co.uk/.