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Distributed Energy Conference Programme Announced Featuring Leading Speakers

A major exhibition and conference for the distributed energy industry, The Distributed Energy Show is taking place on the 8th – 9th December 2021 at the Telford International Centre and has just released details of its exclusive conference programme.

With rising energy bills and ambitious national net-zero targets, it has never been more important for businesses to understand how they use and manage their energy, from acquisition through to use and everything in between. Whilst technological innovation now allows for a number of ways to generate, store, use and re-use energy, there are still many moving parts to consider in any energy strategy including economics, sustainability and government policies.

The Distributed Energy Show conference will take a high-level view of the key considerations when looking to implement a flexible energy strategy, ensuring businesses are making sound decisions in the short, medium and long-term and getting maximum benefit from energy flexibility. It will also take some of the distributed energy sectors key technologies and examine the latest innovations and the subsequent benefits and considerations of implementing these technologies as part of a broader energy strategy.

The conference programme promises an informative journey through the distributed energy sector: including the most exciting innovations of today and tomorrow. Over the two day conference key industry leaders and innovators will gather, ensuring a productive conversation and delivering the critical information needed to progress on all fronts in this exciting and rapidly developing sector.

On day one (Wednesday 8th December) the conference will open with the keynote session, ‘The Current and Future State of the Distributed Energy Sector’. A carefully curated session will explore the technological innovations enabling businesses to be far smarter in the way they acquire and use their energy and will be moderated by Caroline Bragg from The Association for Decentralised Energy. This keynote will set the scene for the rest of the conference, providing an update on the current state of the market, regulatory issues and policies that will affect energy strategies in the future.

Sessions throughout the two day conference include ‘Industrial Decarbonisation of Power’, ‘Energy Storage Innovations’, ‘Microgrids – Control, Monitor and Optimise your Assets’ and ‘Optimising your energy flexibility’, featuring industry experts from Honeywell, Kiwi Power, Western Power Distribution, SSE, The Association for Decentralised Energy, Natural Power, Low Carbon Hub to name a few.

Steve Bryan, Managing Director, says “The Distributed Energy Show is set to be the industry event of the year. We are delighted to have brought together leading speakers and unmissable, quality content for the distributed energy sector which can be attended by the industry free of charge. In addition to the end-users attending, energy suppliers, network operators, transmission and distributioncompanies will use the show to source technologies to increase their own efficiencies and sustainability. We are looking forward to welcoming the distributed energy industry to Telford in December.”

The Distributed Energy Show will bring together the entire supply-chain focused on distributed energy resources and provide visitors with a comprehensive array of technologies and systems to enable them to generate, store, manage and distribute their own power and heat.

For the full conference programme, exhibition enquiries and to register for the free exhibition and conference please visit

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