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Conrad Energy closes UK’s first standalone greenfield financing of two Pathfinder synchronous condenser projects for c. £200m.

Conrad Energy is pleased to announce that it has successfully closed the greenfield financing of its two Pathfinder synchronous condenser projects located in the East of England.  The company is owned by I Squared Capital, a leading global energy infrastructure investor with $38bn+ Assets Under Management. The company’s adviser, Nomura Greentech, launched the financing process… Continue

Good news for manufacturers in Great Britain as Enel X secures a further 500MW in today’s T-4 Capacity Market Auction.

The T-4 Great Britain (GB) Capacity Market auction has cleared at the record high price of £65,000 per MW for delivery in 2027 / 2028. Enel X has secured 500MW derated, 44% of the total Demand Side Response (DSR) capacity awarded. This follows last week’s successful T-1 GB Capacity Market auction where Enel X secured… Continue

Amp X Delivers An Innovative Digital Energy Platform

Amp X delivers an innovative digital energy platform providing grid software services holistically addressing the challenges associated with the energy transition at the edge of the grid and providing the smart energy ecosystem to enable the grid of the future: decentralized, digital, flexible and powered by clean energy. Amp X provides a unique portfolio of… Continue

National Gas Metering Pioneers Hydrogen Powered Commercial Kitchen

National Gas Metering achieved a major milestone in its hydrogen strategy with the commissioning of a commercial catering kitchen with appliances that will use hydrogen for cooking. Metering recently entered into a strategic partnership with Tyseley Energy Park, providing an ideal base to enable research and development into hydrogen gas infrastructure and metering products, building… Continue

Exhibitor Interview: Conrad Energy

What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in?  Conrad Energy is a leading UK energy company, powering the move towards renewables through innovation and technology. We generate power using a range of technologies to support the National Grid when renewables can’t meet demand and we buy, sell and manage energy for businesses nationally. If you’re interested… Continue

Enel X Secures 140MW of GB T-1 Capacity Market at £35,790 per MW

ENEL X SECURES 140MW OF GB T-1 CAPACITY MARKET AT £35,790 PER MW, ONCE AGAIN DELIVERING MAXIMUM REVENUE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS. The T-1 capacity auction for delivery between the 1st of October 2024 and 30th of September 2025, has cleared at £35,790 per MW per year. Enel X UK has provisionally secured 140 MW of… Continue

Exhibitor Interview: Igne

What products/services/technologies does your company specialise in?  The construction, infrastructure and energy ecosystems are evolving and Igne enables these sectors to succeed through the provision of integrated or stand-alone solutions to: site investigation, construction materials testing, unexploded ordnance threat mitigation, geo-environmental, geothermal energy and water supply challenges. In terms of the latter two, which are… Continue

Energising the Future: The Ground Source in Focus Day 2024 Unveiled

In a ground-breaking initiative poised to redefine the renewable energy landscape, the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) proudly announces the Ground Source in Focus Day 2024. Scheduled for 18 April 2024, at the esteemed Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, this event is a clarion call to industry professionals, enthusiasts, and the public to explore the… Continue