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What’s Next in Materials for Electronics? Exploring the Latest Cutting-Edge Developments

Focusing on the dynamic field of electronic materials, this session will highlight emerging trends and cutting-edge material developments. It will explore materials that are pushing the boundaries of conductivity, flexibility, and miniaturisation in electronics, including conductive polymers, advanced semiconductors, and 2D materials. The discussion will also touch on the implications of these materials for future electronic devices and their potential to revolutionise the industry.

Questions for discussion:

  • How are conductive polymers and 2D materials setting new standards for flexibility and miniaturisation in electronics?
  • What are the latest advances in semiconductor materials, and how are they impacting electronic device performance?
  • What are the key challenges in integrating these innovative materials into existing electronic manufacturing processes?


Talk title: TBC

  • Dr. Ludovic Schneider, High Performance Materials Director, XTPL


Future Applications Using Additive Printed Electronics 

  • Richard Dixon, Managing Director, Dycotec Materials 


Talk title: Electrical and Thermal Properties of Nanosheet Networks

  • Dr. Keiran Clifford, Materials Scientist, Surrey Nanosystems; Materials Physics Group, University of Sussex