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Conference Overview

Set within the wide-ranging technology exhibition, four stages will provide a dedicated forum for both end users and power network operators.

The conferences will provide attendees with all the information they need to incorporate the latest distributed energy solutions into their facility or network. A mix of business models, technology options, considerations and practical steps for reducing energy bills whilst increasing energy resilience and sustainability levels.

With a robust production process, presentations will always be informative, educational and provide real solutions that can be applied to your business to improve efficiency, reduce costs and meet net-zero targets.

Conference Topics include:

    • Industrial Decarbonisation

    • Energy Flexibility

    • Heat Pumps

    • Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

    • Energy Innovations

    • Net Zero Targets

    • CHP

    • Heat Networks

    • Energy Price Volatility

    • EV Charging / V2G infrastructure

    • Local Energy Systems

Speaker companies from 2024 included:


If you, or someone you know, would light the stage up as a speaker, moderator or panellist – get in touch by completing the form – we don’t permit product pitches so you can be sure you’re joining a constructive and inspiring programme.

Would you like to speak in 2025?

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