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Businesses are cutting 20% off their energy bills by using smart sockets have released their first big batch of sockets with installations underway all across the UK. Organisations are using the machine learning enabled sockets to cut their emissions and energy bills by at least 20%.

Most of commercial and office buildings have devices left on standby or fully on whilst not in use, especially overnight. Included are things like monitors, printers, task lighting, chilled or hot water taps, heaters, laptops etc.

This creates Small Power waste which isn’t all that small.

Small Power today often exceeds 40% of total electricity usage in the built environment. And up to half of that is waste which incurs unnecessary expense and associated greenhouse gas emissions.
Shockingly, no building management system has been able to monitor or control Small Power in any useful way. can help
By using solution organisations can automatically identify, measure and eliminate Small Power waste. achieve this by combining their unique smart sockets with machine learning and software. This allows them to automatically identify devices plugged into the sockets, monitor their energy use, report granular real-time data and automatically turn devices on/off to avoid wasted energy.

In addition, the sockets use light to indicate the live carbon intensity of the National Grid. This drives impactful behavioural change as occupants opt to wait for ‘greener’ energy supply before charging their phones or laptops again.

Available right now
After numerous successful pilots and customer installs, are launching into the commercial market. This means that the first big batch of sockets has been released with installations underway all across the UK.

“ have reached the very important milestone of installing large numbers of sockets for organisation across the UK. Myself, the team and our customers could not be more excited.
What a brilliant feeling to know is making a measurable, positive difference to emissions and energy bills, right now and it will only grow bigger!” Dan Williams, Co-Founder and CEO,

Organisations should grab this opportunity to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

About are a UK based startup with a bold mission to eliminate all energy waste from the built environment.

Co-founders Dan Williams and Josh Eadie created from the ground up to equip facilities managers, building owners and occupants with real-time energy and GHG emissions monitoring, automated controls, and data driven actions to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions and reduce costs.
Learn more and get in touch via are exhibiting at The Distributed Energy Show on stand 5001.