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Bowman Power: StartIQ™: Behind the transformation technology

Powering Efficiency and Sustainability in Gas Gensets and Grid Operations

Discover the magic behind StartIQ™, where our cutting-edge technology offers rapid ramping capabilities to Gas Gensets to support Grid Operations, revolutionising efficiency and sustainability for a brighter future.

What is StartIQ™?



StartIQ™ is a two-stage eCompressor, powered by our TorqIQ® technology.

Our unique patented TorqIQ® technology brings together electrical machines, power electronics, and software controls for intelligent torque management.

The eCompressor utilises this high-speed electricity from our state-of-the-art power electronics (PE) unit to deliver rapid ramping capability and huge operational benefits for gas gensets and the Grid!

Fun fact: eCompressor motors can accelerate at rates up to 200kRPM/s – faster than a human blink!

What challenges does it solve?

Currently, cold / preheated Gas gensets often face significant issues related to turbocharger lag and long zero to full load times. As a result of this, turbocharger lag in these systems leads to periods of stagnant load, during which the engine, exhaust, and turbocharger heat up.

This extended lag time also necessitates fuel enrichment, resulting in higher fuel consumption, increased NOx emissions (and in the case of diesel engines, the dreaded black smoke), as well as added thermal stresses and component wear.

StartIQ™ connects to the internal combustion engine’s (ICE’s) exhaust manifold in gensets to address these challenges and completely eliminates turbo lag.

How does it work?

Its primary function is to inject air during load ramps, expediting the acceleration of the turbocharger. This means that in less than a second, the eCompressor within the StartIQ™ system accelerates to over 90,000 revolutions per minute, delivering an impressive 0.4 kilograms of air per second directly to the ICE’s exhaust manifold.

The benefit of this is the complete elimination of turbocharger lag, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted transition to a 100% genset load. Once this optimal load is achieved, StartIQ™ disengages, allowing the genset to operate at full capacity for as long as the grid demands.

Who does it support?

StartIQ™ currently supports internal combustion engines (ICEs) burning natural gas (and hydrogen in the future) and delivers a dynamic response as good as today’s diesels. It enables data centre, fast response grid balancing, island mode, emergency standby and microgrid applications to be fulfilled with lower carbon footprint.

What are the environmental and financial benefits?

StartIQ™ isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about sustainability too. By employing this groundbreaking technology, our customers can achieve remarkable 90% reductions in CO2 and NOx emissions compared to the status quo.

This makes StartIQ™ a more sustainable option when compared to other existing grid-connected assets. This means customers can avoid the need for highly costly and resource intensive battery solutions to be built out and therefore achieve substantial cost savings on fuel and carbon trading, with a favourable payback for StartIQ™.

How and when can I get one?

For inquiries about StartIQ™, please contact our team at

Our team will reach out to discuss your requirements and offer support accordingly. We recommend interested parties to place their orders promptly to secure their place in the production queue.

Have any more questions?

If you have any questions about our product, then you can contact our Head of Sales, Dominic Spencer using the following email

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