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Bowman Celebrates Newly Granted Patent

Bowman is excited to announce a major milestone in its journey. We have recently been granted a patent for: Electric Compressor Upstream of Turbocharger Turbine. This achievement not only marks a momentous occasion for Bowman, but also holds significant promise for our customers and a wide range of projects the company is actively engaged in.

The system, known as StartIQ™, enables customers to dramatically reduce load ramp times to 100% for pre-mixed lean burn natural gas engines. These combustion engine-based generators support the National Grid in respect of renewable energy intermittency and can often take several minutes to reach full power. StartIQ™ can reduce this to a matter of seconds leading to reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and reduced component stress for every engine start. In an interview with our CEO, Paul said;

“We are thrilled to have been granted this patent – it’s a key milestone on the path to the commercialisation of Bowman’s StartIQ™ technology. Having a patent granted is testament to the true innovation and novelty of our approach when it comes to solving problems. StartIQ™ will contribute powerfully to the challenge of managing the energy transition by enabling clean and fast backup to renewable energy sources, ultimately using zero-carbon fuels such as Hydrogen.”

The news reflects our commitment to addressing some of the most pressing global challenges. With StartIQ™ technology, we are contributing to the energy transition mission. Our aim is to facilitate accelerated shift to more renewable energy sources while utilising minimal fossil fuels today and moving to zero-carbon fuels, like Hydrogen, as quickly as possible. We look forward to sharing the benefits of this patent with our customers and partners as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in engineering and technology.