Onsite and Localised Generation, Microgrids and Energy Storage Systems

About the show

Technological advances are enabling a mass decentralisation energy generation, bringing together large and ever-increasing numbers sources to contribute to greater efficiencies, reliability and sustainability whilst simultaneously reducing costs to end-users.

The rise in microgrids, onsite generation, co-generation, renewables and energy storage are enabling a brighter future for both consumers and network operators, with advancements in technology further diversifying energy generation technologies.

The Distributed Energy Show will bring together the entire supply-chain focused on distributed energy resources and provide visitors with a comprehensive array of technologies and systems to enable them to generate, store, manage and distribute their own power and heat.

Technologies on display will include solar systems, gas turbines, wind turbines, combined heat & power, energy storage systems, small hydro, fuel cells, smart energy systems and platforms, virtual power plant systems, cabling, converters, power electronics.

Visitors to the show will include executives and facility managers responsible for resource-hungry industrial facilities, major retail properties, residential builds, property development, construction and maintenance.

In addition to the end-users, energy suppliers, network operators, transmission and distribution companies will use the show to source technologies to increase their own efficiencies and sustainability.

An estimated 150+ companies will exhibit and an expected 2,000 buyers, engineers, facility managers and executives will attend.

Advisory Board

Matthew Lumsden

CEO at Connected Energy

Graham Oakes

Owner at Graham Oakes

Kathryn Porter

Energy Consultant at Watt-Logic

Philip Steele

Future Technologies Evangelist at Octopus Energy

Amy Wilson

Marketing Director at Kiwi Power

Ben Walsh

Deputy Director – Foundation Industries Challenge at Innovate UK

Aazzum Yassir

Sales Director at Honeywell Renewables