About the show

Technological advances are enabling a mass decentralisation of energy generation, bringing together large and ever-increasing numbers of sources to contribute to greater efficiencies, reliability and sustainability whilst simultaneously reducing costs to end-users.

The rise in microgrids, onsite generation, co-generation, renewables and energy storage are enabling a brighter future for both consumers and network operators, with advancements in technology further diversifying energy generation technologies.

The Distributed Energy Show is a free to attend exhibition and conference that will bring together the entire supply-chain focused on distributed energy resources and provide visitors with a comprehensive array of technologies and systems to enable them to generate, store, manage and distribute their own power and heat.

Technologies on display will include solar systems, gas turbines, wind turbines, combined heat & power, energy storage systems, small hydro, fuel cells, smart energy systems and platforms, virtual power plant systems, cabling, converters, power electronics.

Visitors to the show will include executives and facility managers responsible for resource-hungry industrial facilities, major retail properties, residential builds, property development, construction and maintenance.

In addition to the end-users, energy suppliers, network operators, transmission and distribution companies will use the show to source technologies to increase their own efficiencies and sustainability.

An estimated 120+ companies will exhibit and an expected 2,500 buyers, engineers, facility managers and executives will attend.


"As the leading trade association for the decentralised energy industry representing more than 130 interested parties, from across the industrial, commercial and public sectors, we're delighted to be supporting The Distributed Energy Show on the 8th & 9th December. This pivotal event for the distributed energy sector, including a large-scale exhibition and industry-leading conference, will bring the whole supply chain together to showcase the technologies and systems to enable organisations to generate, store, manage and distribute their own power and heat."

Caroline Bragg, Head of Policy, The Association for Decentralised Energy

"There was great interaction from the audience in the sessions and a buzzing atmosphere at the show."

Dr Caroline Sejer Damgaard, Researcher, The ADE

“The Distributed Energy Show was fantastic. It is a great opportunity for some key networking with individuals in a likeminded industry.”

Radius Group

“The Distributed Energy Show was great. I think it’s a really good place to find out how the energy systems are going to change in the future and look at the different solutions and techniques available.”

Ben Richardson, Global Fuel Cell Service & Technical Support Manager, BOSCH

“The Distributed Energy Show was great. There were a lot of different companies on show and people exhibiting hydrogen generators which was good to see! There were some great talks on, as well as some really interesting people around who are great to network with, especially during the times we are living in.”

TGG Solutions

“We had some fantastic conversations at the show with lots of interest, talking to big companies and small companies with all sorts of possible applications for the technology.”

Mike Simpson, CEO, Cheesecake Energy

“It was a positive show for us with interesting people coming to our stand and having conversations with us.”

Aaron Parker, Head of CHP Sales, Centrica Business Solutions

“I thoroughly enjoyed The Distributed Energy Show. It was well laid out with good speakers and sessions. Overall, I was very impressed.”

Ross McClory, Head of Business Development in Industrial and Commercial, SSE Energy Solutions

“At The Distributed Energy Show it was really interesting to see all sorts of different businesses with all sorts of different technologies. Whether it’s generators, batteries, locks, energy supply systems or optimisation platforms - everything is here. You can see the whole value chain and how each of these companies work together.”

Phillip Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy

“It was great seeing people at the show. We’ve done so much over Zoom over the past two years, but it’s these conversations and networking with your peers that you don’t have the opportunity to have online. It’s the communication, collaboration and connections you make at shows like The Distributed Energy Show that may be the key driver in our progression towards decarbonisation and net zero.”

Emma Piercy, Head of Climate Change & Energy Policy, Food & Drink Federation

Founding Partners

The Association of Decentralised Energy

2021 Sponsors

Enel X
Radius Group
SSE Energy Solutions
Schneider Electric

2021 Exhibitors

2G Energy Ltd
AMPS (the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems)
Abloy UK
Amp X Limited
BasePower Ltd
Centrica Business Solutions
Cheesecake Energy
Clarke Energy Ltd
Conrad Energy Ltd
Dynamic Energy Solutions Holdings Ltd
EGB Engineering
ESG Global Ltd
Ebtech Energy Systems Ltd
Edmundson Electrical Greentech
Egni Co-op
Electricity North West (Construction & Maintenance) Energy
Emergya Wind Technologies UK Ltd
Flex Assure
Full Circle Wind Services Ltd
Hartree Solutions Ltd
Honeywell International
ICE Solar
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Novalux Energy Solutions Ltd
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OEP Group
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Radius Group
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TGG Solutions
TMC Transformers
Veolia UK
Vital Energi Utilities ltd
Waxman Energy
Wilson Power Solutions Limited
Ylem Energy Limited
ZUoS Ltd

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AMPS (the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems)
American Solar Energy Society
BHA Tidal Range Alliance
British Hydropower Association
Chemical Search International
Energy Manager Magazine
Green Energy Report
Ground Source Heat Pump Association
Heat Pump Federation
Media 7
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