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The future of energy generation is flexible, decentralised and renewable.

Energy users, network operators and the entire energy supply-chain come to The Distributed Energy Show to see technology in action.

The show features the UK’s widest array of technologies for onsite and localised heat & power generation along with the infrastructure, software and components necessary to connect to the energy network and implement a low-cost, low-carbon energy strategy.

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Technologies and services on display include:

Testimonials from 2023

“That’s what I love at these sorts of shows is finding all these innovative different bits of technology which take part in the way the system is changing.”

Philip Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy

“The highlight of the show is meeting everyone from the industry. It’s a great industry to be in, energy is shifting a lot, the transition to a new energy system is exciting. Having these discussions with different people from different industries makes it really exciting.”

Ben Richardson, Head of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Systems (SOFC) UK & I, Bosch

“The dialogue that we have been having has been very good. There has been a lot of foot traffic through our stand and we have had some interesting discussions with companies that are looking to provide flexibility to the market."

Richard Sarti, CEO, NODES

“The highlight of the show for me is the mix of the key different sectors that are coming together to talk about how to decarbonise our system in a collaborative way.”

Luca Grella, Innovation Programme Manager, UK Power Networks

“It’s good to see people talking about the subject [of distributed energy], really embracing it, looking at the issues and looking at the ways we can improve the industry.”

Martyn Sheridan, Sales Director, Ylem Energy Ltd

“The highlight for me has been the networking aspect. The drinks reception was really good but also being able to go around and talk to everybody at the stands. Its opened my eyes at what else is going on in the industry”

Callum Wright, Power Responsive Manager, Power Responsive/National Grid ESO

“It’s been great to see people from across the industry come together and to really look at these new technologies. We had some really interesting discussions on our stand around the energy transition and the key part these new technologies will play.”

Stefie Cray, Project Manager, Sustainable Solutions, Rolls- Royce

“I think this show is fantastic, and you have lots of different solution providers under one roof. You have contractors, tech solutions, developers but bringing them together to discuss the key topics.”

Suzanna Lashford, Manager/ Business Development, Vattenfall Networks

“I’ve had such great discussions the past two days. I think the real joy of this show is the breadth in which it brings us together, in terms of across the energy system and creates these new discussions, so we are not just thinking in silos in terms of electricity generation or energy efficiency or heat. Its everyone coming together to try to get something that’s really going to work that can move us forward to decarbonisation.”

Caroline Bragg, Director, The Association for Decentralised Energy

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