About the show

Discover the latest technologies at the UK’s most comprehensive showcase of flexible and renewable onsite energy innovations.

The Distributed Energy Show is a free-to-attend conference and exhibition showcasing an array of flexible energy technologies and services.

The show is a must-attend for commercial and industrial energy users looking to reduce heat and power costs whilst keeping on track with Net Zero targets.

2023 Featured Speaking Companies

2023 Sponsors

Clarke Energy Ltd
Envirotech Energy Solutions
OakTree Power
Power Responsive
Schneider Electric

2023 Exhibitors

2023 Speakers

Prof. Adrian Bull MBE

BNFL Chair in Nuclear Energy and Society at University of Manchester

Caroline Bragg

Director at The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE)

Hannah Bond

Energy Manager at Travis Perkins

Neil Coleman

Operations Manager Energy & Innovation at John Lewis

Stefie Cray

Project Manager, Sustainable solutions at Rolls-Royce

Adam Hamilton

Associate Director, Energy & Mobility Strategy at KPMG

Dr Jean-Yves Cherruault

Head of Net Zero Pathways at Centrica Business Solutions

Suzanna Lashford

Business Development Manager at Vattenfall Networks

Filipe Mota da Silva

Managing Director - Consulting - Energy, Resources, Utilities, and Sustainability at Tata Consultancy Services

Phil McNaughton

Head of Decarbonisation at British Sugar

Stuart McLeod

Energy Manager at Balfour Beatty

Ben Richardson

Head of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells System (SOFC) UK & I at Bosch

David Rimmer

Microgrid Business Leader at Schneider Electric UK & I

Nathan Sanders

Managing Director at SSE Energy Solutions

Philip Steele

Future Technologies Evangelist at Octopus Energy

Join visitors from industries including:

Founding Partners

The Association For Decentralised Energy

2023 Supporters

AMPS (the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems)
American Solar Energy Society
Antenna Group
Chemical Search International
Energy Manager Magazine
Flex Assure
Global Sustainability Goals
Global Waste Cleaning Network
Ground Source Heat Pump Association
Heat Pump Federation
Public Sector Sustainability Association
Sustainability West Midlands
UK Power News/WiP magazines